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Kuwait authorities join hands in containing foot-and-mouth
February 16, 2016, 9:01 am

The Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR), in coordination with Kuwait Environmental Police, has taken all necessary precautions to prevent spread of the foot-and-mouth disease, PAAFR Director General Faisal Al-Hasawi affirmed on Monday.

"The health situation is stable; proportion of infections among the herds has dropped," said Al-Hasawi, adding that the Kuwait Environmental Police (KEP) have enforced a quarantine at Al-Sulaibiah farms.

The Environmental Police, along with the Public Security, is staging patrols all over Al-Sulaibiah to ensure effectiveness of the quarantine, preventing entry or exist of cattle infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, he added. The patrols work round the clock and there are two fixed monitoring stations there, as well.

Al-Hasawi indicated that the special Government panel that groups representatives from PAAFR, the Municipality and the KEP as well as the Union of Fresh Diary Producers (UFDP), is coordinating efforts to enforce the tight quarantine in the region, warning that violators would be penalized.

No infections have been registered in more than half of the farms there, and the "livestock wealth is sound and their products are free from diseases," said Al-Hasawi who also called on all relevant authorities to cooperate with the farms. PAAFR has diligently worked to cope with such outbreaks that happen yearly in the country, he added.

Al-Hasawi re-affirmed that the dairy products "were sound and were not affected after a number of cows were infected with the foot--and-mouth disease," re-noting that standard processing and enveloping are observed in the dairy products manufacturing.

Explaining furthermore, Al-Hasawi said the disease had actually infected non-immunized calves that do not give milk.

Meanwhile, PAAFR Director of Livestock Health, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Kanderi, said the department immunizes the cows in the country three times per year, with 28,000 shots each time. He also clarified that the infectious disease does not transmit to camels. Furethermore, the foot-and-mouth disease "poses no hazard to human well-being," Al-Hasawi explained, however he noted that only two cases were recorded in Kuwait over the past 50 years. And that the patients had recovered.

The disease outbreak was first reported early this month among a number of cows. Farmers had been guided on how to prevent it from spreading. 

Source: KUNA

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