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Kuwait authorities penalize violators of environment law
June 7, 2016, 8:54 am

Authorities have collected KD 40,000 worth of settlements related to breaches of environmental protection rules over the past two months.

The violations covered 24 commercial malls, seven government departments, 20 restaurants, nine factories, four hotels, said Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, General Director of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) in a statement.

The violators were penalized for unhealthy dumping, unfit work environment, bad internal environment, in addition to 520 citations for smoking.

All authorities, establishments and individuals must abide by the environment law, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad stressed, also acknowledging that public awareness of protecting the environment "has remained short of what we aspire to." EPA inspection teams will examine medical centers and hospitals soon to check adherence to health rules. Six teams have been established to monitor any harmful acts against the environment in all the governorates. 

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