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Kuwait bans number of Syrians, Lebanese from entering country
March 17, 2016, 8:21 am

Kuwait’s security authorities have banned a number of people from Lebanon and Syria from entering the country due to their links with extremist and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Islamic State (DAESH), official sources say. Indicating that these security measures are in line with those implemented in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the sources said, “Concerned security authorities continue to deport expatriates including GCC nationals with security restrictions, stop renewing their residence permits, and bar them from entering the country”.

The sources explained that several Lebanese nationals and three Syrians including imams and muezzins were not granted entry into the country through Kuwait International Airport despite having valid residence permits due to security concerns over their suspicious movements.

They went on to explain that the security authorities are using several mechanisms to deal with those who fund, support or sympathize with terrorist organizations such as blacklisting them, summoning them and informing them that they are no longer welcome in Kuwait and not renewing their residence permits.

The sources described the procedures as, “precautionary measures for protecting the peace, security and stability of Kuwait and for preventing citizens and expatriates from exploiting the free atmosphere of the country to disrupt the peaceful social life of Kuwait”.

They affirmed that the concerned agencies will continue to monitor sympathizers of terrorist organizations electronically and physically, and warn against violating the law and public order of the country.

Source: Arab Times

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