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Kuwait braced for cold weather to hit
December 12, 2013, 4:15 pm

Authorities urged Kuwaiti residents to be extremely cautious as the country is bracing for rain and cold weather conditions that will last for a week.

“We are likely to have rain on Friday, followed by a wave of cold starting on Saturday,” Eisa Ramadan, a meteorologist, said.

“On Sunday, cold will settle in and will last for one week. People have to be extra cautious, particularly those who go on camping trips to the desert,” he said, quoted by local media on Thursday.

The climatic conditions related to the rain and snow will also hit the region, particularly in Jordan, Syria, Palestine and northern Saudi Arabia, he added.

In the Bahraini capital Manama, the acting director of meteorology said, “based on the preliminary analysis of weather maps, the kingdom is expected to witness a move of low air coming from the Mediterranean accompanied by a mass of cold air.”

“The mass of cold air will affect most of the Arabian Peninsula, where the weather will be cloudy, with a chance of rain fall in the kingdom on next Saturday and early Sunday,” Adel Daham said.

“The northwesterly winds will strongly blow on the kingdom at times, particularly at sea. There will be a significant decrease in temperatures and the weather will be cold.”

In Beirut, people were told to gear up for one of the worst snowstorms in recent years to hit Lebanon starting on Tuesday.

The government called for special attention to deal with the heavy snow and high-speed winds and urged people to be extra careful.

“Alexa,” the winter’s first snowstorm, accompanied by intense cold, downpour and snowfall at altitudes ranging between 1,000 and 1,500 metres in the north is expected to last one week.

Exposed to particularly challenging weather conditions, Jordan said that ministries and public agencies would be shut down on Thursday.

The premier’s decision excluded the ministries of interior, health, public works, municipal affairs and health as well as the Greater Amman Municipality, tasked with providing services needed during the depression, Petra said.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Wednesday said that the decision was taken as the kingdom has been under the impact of polar front that brought heavy rain and snow in several areas across the country, Jordan News Agency (Petra) reported.


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