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Kuwait celebrates 55th National Day, 25th liberation Anniversary
February 25, 2016, 11:18 pm

Official celebrations for Kuwait's 55th National Day, 25th Anniversary of liberation began Thursday with various events to be held to commemorate the celebrations.

This year's celebration marked the 10th anniversary of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah accession to power. His Highness the Amir is the first Kuwaiti leader, since 1965, to be sworn in by the National Assembly.

The celebrations also coincided with Kuwait being chosen as capital of Islamic culture for 2016. As annual tradition dictates, military shows are held with the high-profile participation of land, air, and marine troops from the military, Interior Ministry, and Kuwait National Guard (KNG).

The military shows usually receives the patronage and attendance of His Highness the Amir with the attendance of chiefs of the army and the National Guard, and scores of top senior officials of the state.

Military and security units' performances reflected the spirit of efficiency and readiness in defending the homeland under all circumstances. A parade showcasing armored vehicles, tanks, and other machinery usually occur during the event.

An airshow, which includes various types of aircrafts, marvelously sprayed the colors of Kuwait flag in the sky, painting a portrait of the flag. Regularly, the event takes place in Sabhan area where the public are welcomed to attend.

Also partaking in the national celebrations is the Sabah Al-Ahmad cultural village which is being decorated with the finest of colorful lights representing the Kuwaiti flag. The village is holding several events and festivities which will last till March 15th in honor of Kuwait's national celebrations.

The celebrations of Kuwait national day and liberation anniversary was also accompanied by the re-opening of the country's most prominent touristic site and symbol the Kuwait Towers. The towers were closed for five years due to maintenance work and now it is currently permissible for people to visit.

Private and public buildings as well as homes and dwellings of Kuwaiti nationals and expatriates also showcased lights and decorations dedicated to the dear national celebrations.

Source: KUNA

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