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Kuwait committed to boycotting Israeli goods
August 20, 2015, 8:40 am

An official stressed Kuwait’s commitment to implementing the principles of boycotting economic goods of Israel, calling for activating the boycott through Arab media.

“Kuwait is implementing these principles decisively and has never obtained Israeli goods on its soil,” Waleed Ibrahim Hamadi, head of the Kuwaiti delegation at the 89th meeting of the communication officers of the regional offices for boycotting Israel, said in a statement yesterday.

He called for launching awareness media campaign at the popular level in the Arab countries on the importance of boycotting Israel as this will cause higher economic losses.

As for the three-day meeting, he stressed that it is held in support of the Palestinian people through discussing the positions of companies and steamships dealing with Israel and reviewing relevant reports.

The meeting will issue some recommendations Thursday so as to refer them to the upcoming session of Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers next month for consideration, he noted. Representatives from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Palestine, Oman, Yemen and others are participating in the meeting that kicked off Tuesday.

Source: KUNA

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