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Kuwait condemns missile attack targeting Saudi Makkah
October 29, 2016, 8:29 am

The State of Kuwait on Friday strongly condemned the ballistic missile launched by the "Houthi group and Ali Abdullah Saleh" toward Saudi Holy Makkah region.

Targeting Muslims' Qiblah is a provocation of their feelings, neglect of the holiness of the blessed spot, and disregard of Islamic sanctities, an official source at the Foreign Ministry said in a press statement.

It added that the brutal aggression is considered a grave development and insistence on rejecting, and defying the will of the international community, as well as its efforts to enforce a truce, for the aspired political solution that rids Yemen and the entire region from the continuation of the bloody conflict and its repercussions.

The statement concluded with praying to Allah to protect Saudi Arabia from all harm. The Saudi-led coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen said on Thursday that the Saudi Air Defense Force had intercepted a ballistic missile fired from Yemen's Sa'da governorate towards the Holy Makkah region.

The missile was intercepted and destroyed nearly 65 km. away from the western Saudi Arabian region without causing any damage. The coalition forces destroyed the launching site.

Source: KUNA

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