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Kuwait court acquits 70 in parliament ‘storming’ case
December 9, 2013, 2:19 pm

Verdict welcomed with great relief in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti court on Monday acquitted the 70 defendants, including 11 former lawmakers, in the case of the parliament storming.

The case has been in the court for over a year and a half and the verdict was welcomed with great relief in the country.

Charges included breaking the laws, illegal assembly, disobeying police orders, resisting arrest, assaulting public order officers and parliament security servicemen and damaging property.

The case was filed after dozens of people forced their way into the parliament’s debating chamber in November 2011 while hundreds of people protested outside to call for the resignation of the government, then chaired by Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammad.

The nation was subsequently divided over the merit of the unprecedented storming as several people pushed for stringent legal action against protesters while others defended it as acceptable street pressure.

The suspects denied that they forced their way in and insisted that the doors were open when they reached the building after being re-routed by security servicemen.

The protesters had planned to head to the prime minister’s residence, but after they were prevented from continuing their way, they opted to go to the parliament.

Shaikh Nasser resigned two weeks after the incident and the Emir called for fresh parliamentary elections.

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