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Kuwait cracks down on law-violating shops, greedy traders
July 28, 2015, 9:38 am

Minister of Commerce and Industry Yusuf Al-Ali has issued a ministerial decree for closing some shops for violating trade and consumer protection laws and provisions. In a press statement, Assistant Undersecretary for Commercial Supervision and Consumer Protection Department Abdullah Al-Enezi said the shops violations included fraud, changing country of origin labels, selling inedible goods, marketing through random phone calls and conducting raffles without the Ministry's prior approval, and displaying women clothes with "indecent pictures."

Al-Enezi underlined that the ministry would continue crackdown and inspection campaigns on shops to check their abidence by the revelent laws. He vowed the the ministry would do all in power to protect consumers and to bring to justice greedy traders who fraud for risk the health of their clients. 

Source: KUNA


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