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Kuwait cultural chief laments difficulty securing UK uni places
May 31, 2014, 8:59 am

The head of Kuwait’s Cultural Office in UK has lamented the difficulty in securing seats for Kuwaiti students pursuing medical studies in the country as he announced that 60 places had been secured through new agreements, it was reported.

Dr Mohamed Al Hajri said in an interview with Al Rai daily that nearly 1,500 foreign students competed for up to the 510 seats offered across 30 universities that offered medicine, or about 17 seats at each institution, Arab Times Online reported.

He said nearly 3,400 Kuwaiti students were studying in UK at about 155 universities.

Al Hajri said his office embarked on constant negotiations to sign agreements with renowned universities to increase the seats for Kuwaiti students in their various specialties, noting the sector recently concluded agreements with the universities of Manchester, Briton West, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham and New Castle to allot 60 seats for dental and medical students.

He said commercial offices pushed Kuwaiti students to study English language at the universities to improve communication skills and understanding.

However, he said students and guardians in most cases declined to heed the instructions of the cultural office and in the end discover that such institutes are substandard.

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