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Kuwait debates plan for first anti-terror law
April 15, 2015, 8:24 am

Kuwait is debating the country’s first anti-terrorism law, which could include revoking the citizenship of those found to belong to a terrorist organisation, a local daily has reported.

Previous attempts to introduce such legislation, which already exists in other GCC states, have been thwarted by former MPs who supported the Muslim Brotherhood, an Arabic daily claimed.

The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in Saudi Arabia and the UAE under respective anti-terror laws. Some MPs reportedly expressed concerns that Kuwait’s lack of an anti-terrorism legislation made it vulnerable to extremists, including those returning from fighting in Syria.

“We will seek a legislation to protect the security of the country,” MP Mubarak Al Hurais said.

MP Abdullah Maayouf said Kuwait needed the legal power to “research, follow-up and investigate sleeper cells”.

MP Faris Al Otaibi said Kuwait already was a signatory to international conventions related to terrorism but it needed legislation to deter terrorists from working and spreading extremist ideas in the country.

“We actually need to deter criminal acts and misguided ideas that threaten our internal security,” he said.

MPs Saadoun Hamad and Faisal Al Duwaisan urged parliament to speed up the debate and vote on the proposed legislation as a matter of priority, considering the regional situation.

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