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Kuwait deports cleric for ‘profanation’
November 7, 2013, 4:48 pm

Kuwait on Thursday deported a controversial Saudi religious figure, saying that he had profaned the Companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

“Hussain Al Fahaid had profaned the Prophet’s [PBUH] Companions in religious speeches that were displayed on various media and social media, and the interior ministry has decided to deport him from Kuwait,” the security media of the interior ministry said.

“The interior ministry, driven by the concern to ward off sedition and preserve national unity, has taken the adequate measures to have Hussain Al Fahaid leave the country on Thursday morning,” the statement carried by Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) said.

Several former and sitting lawmakers had called upon the interior ministry to deport the Shiite religious figure or to put him on trial, claiming that several cases had been filed against him for his attacks on prominent Companions.

Most online comments lauded the decision by the interior ministry to end a controversy “that could possibly have tragic social consequences.”

“We are grateful because it seemed as if we did not have enough problems already. We cannot afford to add the issue of Hussain Al Fahaid to tear at our social fabric,” Abdullah posted in his comments.


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