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Kuwait deports two men for cutting off plants
January 20, 2016, 3:00 pm

 Kuwait is to deport two foreigners who were caught cutting plants and flowers used in the landscaping of the Sixth Ring highway. The two men, whose nationality was not divulged, were arrested during an inspection conducted by the head of the environment police in Kuwait City.

The men said they were cutting off plants and flowers to take them to a jakhoor, a privately-owned facility. Kuwait has strict environment laws.

The Environmental Protection law, adopted in 2014, "aims at protecting and maintaining the natural balance of the environment and its resources and combating the pollution and its damages, at both short and long term."

It also bans "any party whatsoever, whether a company or institution or consultation office from carrying out any work in this field without prior consent of the Environment Public Authority (EPA)."

Kuwait is equally strict on the application of the law for foreigners who break the law repeatedly or pose a risk to public order. Dozens of reckless drivers and of people who were involved in street brawls have been sent home or to other countries. The interior ministry has regularly warned that it was adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards foreigners who broke the law.

Source: Gulf  News

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