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Kuwait donates 25,000 sterling for UK memorial
April 2, 2015, 11:11 am

Kuwait has donated 25,000 sterling to build a memorial in Lichfield city in the UK to honor 47 British soldiers killed in the war to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991. Kuwait had previously made a donation of 10,000 sterling for the same memorial two years ago, Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Kuwaiti Ambassador in London Khaled Al-Duwaisan said on Thursday.

The donation represents Kuwait's appreciation for the UK's efforts and role in forming an international alliance to end the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, said Al-Duwaisan. The Kuwaiti ambassador also stressed the depth of historical and close relations between the State of Kuwait and Britain, appreciating its relentless political and military support for Kuwait.

For his part, the assistant chariman of the memorial project set in Lichfield city Kerry Filler thanked Kuwait for contributing to the memorial, noting that the project will be launched on 28 February, 2016, coninciding with Kuwait's Liberation Day celebrations. 

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