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Kuwait elected Deputy President of UNESCO Arab World Heritage Committee
October 26, 2016, 9:00 am

Representing the State of Kuwait, Dr. Mishaal Hayat was elected on Tuesday as Deputy President of the UNESCO Arab World Heritage Committee.

Hayat, who is also Kuwait Permanent Representative in UNESCO, said choosing Kuwait for this post came at the conclusion of the second session of the 40th of the World Heritage Committee meeting, hosted by Paris.

Hayat added electing Kuwait was due to appreciation by countries involved in the protection of natural culture heritage agreement signed in 1972, and for its leading role in protecting and preserving humanitarian heritage.

Hayat said Lebanon representative in the World Heritage Committee nominated Kuwait during today's session, and it was unanimously voted for, expressing his appreciation for the committee decision and keenness to fully represent Kuwait in international arenas.

Hayat added that last week, Iraq's permanent delegation in UNESCO honored Kuwait, for being the president of Arab group and its leading role in registering Ahwaz on world humanitarian heritage list, during a ceremony by the UN in Iraq's culture week, in addition to honoring Lebanon and Palestine ambassadors to UNESCO.

Kuwait a member of UNESCO World Heritage committee for four years, and works for protecting world heritage.

Source: KUNA

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