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Kuwait firm in its support of int'l coalition against IS - Al-Jarallah
April 27, 2016, 4:40 pm

Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah confirmed on Wednesday Kuwait's unequivocal support of the Global Coalition to Counter the so-called Islamic State (IS).

In a speech opening the fourth meeting of the officials from the member states of the Coalition, Al-Jarallah said "Kuwait backs the international community in its efforts to bring stability to liberated areas from the grip of terrorist organizations," adding that Kuwait also supports the international community in seeking to dry up sources of funding terrorism and in repelling electronic hacking attacks and in staving off the influx of foreign fighters to conflict areas."

He told the meeting that Kuwait's support involved, among other things, providing logistical support to the efforts of the international community as well as taking part in meetings such as today's.

He noted that Kuwait has hosted numerous conferences on fighting terrorism and has demonstrated its abidance by UN resolutions regarding terrorism.

Al-Jarallah said today's meeting was taking place in the shadow of continuing threats by terrorist organizations to the peace and security of the world, so much so that these threats had moved from countries rife in conflicts to peaceful countries with no such conflicts.

For that reason, he said the international community should double its efforts at fighting this universal threat. "We as nations bear a historical responsibility to ensure a safe and secure world as codified by the UN resolution no.2253 which urges combating terrorism and drying up its sources of funding in every shape and form," he said.

Moreover, he indicated that the international community was closely watching meetings such as today's to obtain cues from it as to what ought to be done decisively to defeat the ideologies and activities of terrorist organizations.

However, he cautioned that "all religions and faiths, among them Islam, espouse love, peace, tolerance, and eschew violence and extremism and in that vein it would be inappropriate to link terrorist organizations with a particular religion or race of people."

Speaking at the meeting today was also Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter IS Brett McGurk who commended Kuwait's role in the Coalition, saying "We express our gratitude to our host, the State of Kuwait, for its important role in the Coalition and as a leader in the area of humanitarian support to the Iraqi and Syrian people, recognizing that it has to date hosted three donor conferences for Syria, co-hosted the 4 February 2016 donors conference for Syria in London and pledged USD 200 million for humanitarian aid in Iraq."

Referring to IS specifically, he said "We welcome the momentum we have witnessed in recent months against Da'esh (IS) in Iraq and Syria. Da'esh (IS) continues to lose territory as well as control of strategic resupply routes and resources."

He added "Da'esh (IS) continues to be degraded in other significant ways. It has been losing its leaders at a high rate and has lost large numbers of fighters. Its resource base is drying up as Coalition strikes have lowered Da'esh (IS) oil production by at least 30 percent and destroyed millions of dollars stored in bank vaults and other locations."

He further said "Mindful of the many challenges Da'esh (IS) poses in diverse regions, we remain committed to sustaining momentum of the Global Coalition to Counter Da'esh (IS)" noting that the next meeting of the Coalition was planned for July 2016 in Washington.

Source: KUNA

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