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Kuwait gov''t projects aim to address traffic congestions
September 18, 2013, 10:10 am

The interior ministry plans to build bridges, expand existing roads and use modern technology to address traffic congestions and facilitate movement of vehicles in Kuwait.

The ministry's General Traffic Department is carrying out a national traffic strategy which includes giant projects dealing with flow of vehicles in streets, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Major-General Abdulfattah Al-Ali said.

He was speaking before a seminar co-organized by Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) and the Traffic Safety Society about problems of traffic congestion in Kuwait and how to solve them.

Al-Ali said these projects were implemented by the ministry of public works and would improve quality of road safety nationwide as well as facilitate traffic.

He highlighted important role of media to educate public about major role of policemen and traffic issues.
KJA Secretary General Faisal Al-Qinae said the most suitable solution for traffic was to boost awareness campaigns and spread proper traffic culture.

Member of Traffic Safety society Dr. Khulood Al-Najjar said the society sought spread of traffic culture among public in order to minimize number of accidents

These events, she added, would contribute to boosting guidance and awareness about traffic matters with the objective of preserving lives of people and properties.

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