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Kuwait govt demands info on some Twitter-users: website Call to ban, delete accounts
August 2, 2014, 9:51 am

The social networking site Twitter disclosed that Kuwait’s government has submitted 10 requests to divulge information about some Twitter account holders and then ban or delete other accounts, reports Al- Rai daily.

The website mentioned in its fifth transparency report issued last Thursday that it received 30 inquiries from eight new countries since January 1 until June ending compared to the previous year, which shows an increase in the number of countries asking for information or deletion of accounts to 54 countries from the time when the site initiated the transparency report.

It added that Saudi Arabia submitted 189 requests to disclose information relating to certain accounts but the site only responded to one percent of those submissions, while none of the six requests the United Arab Emirates submitted was answered.

The site clarified that USA submitted 1,257 demands to disclose information about certain accounts and nearly 72 percent was granted, while 26 requests to delete some accounts were denied.

The report indicated requests presented by the governments aim at deleting or concealing the content of some information posted on the website, noting that governments in general demand the removal of contents that are legally in the hands of the judiciary, noting the site may receive a judicial order obliging the removal of prohibited posts or statements considered as harmful.

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