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Kuwait has sixth highest twitter users supporting Islamic State (IS)
April 28, 2015, 8:42 am

Kuwait has the sixth highest number of Twitter users supporting the Islamic State (IS) group, as per a study conducted by Brookings Institution in Washington which was in the Twitter account of US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports a local daily.

According to the study, Saudi Arabia tops the list with 866 Twitter accounts in support of the terrorist group, followed by Syria with 507 accounts, Iraq with 453 accounts, US with 404 accounts, Egypt with 326 accounts, Kuwait with 300 accounts, Turkey with 203 accounts, Palestine with 162 accounts, Lebanon with 141 accounts, Britain with 139 accounts and Tunisia with 125 accounts.

The study involved 20,000 Twitter users who were observed for the past four months. However, it has provoked reactions from the nations, describing it as contradictory to reality since majority of the Arab nations are against the crimes committed by this terrorist group.

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