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Kuwait hit by heavy rainfall
May 10, 2015, 9:18 am

Dusty weather with heavy rain was observed in several parts of the country Saturday, causing floods in the southern part of the country as the rain water deluged streets, yards and some establishments, including hospitals and commercial stalls. Amid a state of high alert of the security, fire, medical emergency and service agencies, the meteorology sector warned that rain accompanied by lightening or heavy thunderstorm would continue with active southerly winds and speed reaching 50 km/h.

Several areas of Jahra were flooded by the heavy rains, and reports surfaced that a mosque in Saad Al- Abdullah was completely flooded. Moreover, the bad weather caused leaks at Jahra Hospital. There were also reports about ‘severe sandstorms’ in the northern parts of the country.

Citizens were inconvenienced in traffic jams caused by heavy rains and flooded streets in different locations around the country, it was reported. 

In field, the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) announced the suspension of sea navigation at Shuwaikh Port due to the current weather circumstances the country is observing, while navigation is normal at the Port of Shuaiba. Abdullah Mansour, an official at Shuwaikh Port said that the speed of winds now range between 30- 35 marine knots while visibility level is less than three nautical miles, thus leading to the halt of marine navigation. He said four ships are anchoring in the waiting area, while three other ships are in the exit area until the weather improves. He noted the country is witness to an active movement of winds with speed and strength that differ from one area to another.

Kuwait Meteorological Center of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) forecast on Friday there would be rain in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior Saturday called on citizens and expatriates to take precautions owing to rainy and dusty weather. The ministry urged the general public to abide by traffic regulations and to call emergency hotline (112) when facing traffic, security and humane problems.

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