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Kuwait is a leading country in curing Epilepsy
March 26, 2017, 3:37 pm

A number of specialized neurologists have extolled the distinguished and developed level of curing Epilepsy Kuwait has reached, which adopts modern scientific methods and technologies.

In remarks to KUNA on the sidelines of the 8th Kuwaiti-Lebanese Congress on Epilepsy held in Beirut, they hailed the developed level of Kuwait's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Ibn Sina Hospital reached, being a comprehensive center that offers best medical care to epilepsy patients in Kuwait.

Head of Kuwait Neurology Society and Chairman of Neurology Department at Ibn Sina Hospital Dr. Jassem Al-Hashel said Kuwait became one of the most developed countries in the field of curing epilepsy in the region, as the epilepsy unit achieved a great loop in curing this disease in the country since its establishment four years ago, being one of the most specialized units in the Arab region in that domain.

This unit gained international recognition of international hospitals for its capability in curing critical cases without the need to send them to receive medical treatment abroad, Al-Hashel added.

For his part, head of Epilepsy Program at Ibn Sina Hospital Dr. Maher Orabi told KUNA that the unit started to be in duty back in 2013 as the first comprehensive unit to cure epilepsy in Kuwait. The unit conducted 1,700 well-supervised epilepsy cases, ranging from one to five days, and it also planted batteries for a large number of epilepsy patients.

He stressed the importance of cooperation between the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Kuwait and similar one in the American University in Beirut (AUB), he affirmed. Both sides are exchanging expertise and following up with the treatment of a number of cases on a weekly basis, he added.

Head of Kuwait League Against Epilepsy, Consultant Neurologist and Electrophysiologist at Al-Ahmadi Hospital and Dar-Al-Shefa'a Hospital Dr. Abdulaziz Ashknani praised the coordination and cooperation between the epilepsy combating societies in Kuwait and Lebanon.

Kuwait League Against Epilepsy includes 30 patients specializing in neurological diseases in Kuwait, and is organizing a number of conferences and cultural lectures regarding epilepsy, he affirmed.

Dr. Ashkanani expressed hope the 3rd Gulf Epilepsy Conference will be held in Kuwait next November would boost cooperation between specialists of this disease in the region to offer the best popssible care to epilepsy patients.

On the Other hand, Head of Lebanese League Against Epilepsy. Dr. Wassim Nasreddine emphasized the importance of the cooperation between epilepsy specialists in both countries. He described the Epilepsy Monitoring in Kuwait as "excellent", as it fulfilled several achievements during the last four years, as a distinguished epilepsy unit in the Gulf and Middle East.

Meanwhile Kuwaiti Dr. Namareq Al-Jarki told KUNA that she is taking part in this conference to shed light on Kuwait Neurology Board, which is a five-year specialized scientific program which aims at educating doctors specialized in neurology.

The 8th Kuwait Lebanese Congress on Epilepsy was started yesterday in Beirut and discussed during five sessions the latest cure and medications for epilepsy as well as the latest scientific researches regarding the diseases in the labs and universities worldwide. 

Source: KUNA


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