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Kuwait is witnessing hail not snow
January 28, 2016, 10:38 pm

Meteorologist Mohammad Karam on Thursday commented on the online pictures supposedly showing the first snowfall in the country, saying frozen raindrops blanketed the ground due to freezing temperature.

Rain clouds coupled with low temperature led to forming a frosty layer covering the ground, explained Ramadan in remarks to KUNA after photos, with captions saying Kuwait is witnessing snowfalls for the first time, have gone viral across social media.

The hail fell onto wet grounds causing a layer of ice, said Ramadan, indicating that this was the scientific explanation of the phenomenon.

Ramadan indicated that he would stop short of declaring that Kuwait is witnessing snowfalls, in the literal sense, and cautioned farmers that they should protect their groves and crop of the hail harmful effects.

Temperature is forecast to resume increasing gradually on Sunday and Monday, before settling at normal levels on Tuesday. Kuwait and other regional countries are currently whipped with freezing northwesterly winds.

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