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Kuwait joins countries suspicious of food imports from Egypt
September 21, 2016, 8:37 am

Kuwait has joined a group of countries which suspect the safety of food originating from Egypt, particularly fruits and vegetables.

According to world reports Egypt is violating the health standards. Some of these reports, particularly issued by monitoring bodies in the US and Russia.

These reports said the Egyptian food contains residues of human waste and dead animals. According to a reliable source Kuwait’s Committee for Food Safety is planning to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue.

Sources close to the committee said there is an intention to demand the certificate of origin from fruit and vegetable shipments coming from Egypt. The certificate of origin must meet certain specifications which will be a condition to allow the entry of these products from Egypt into Kuwait.

One of the conditions is believed to be ‘mandatory laboratory test’. In the meantime, Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality Ahmed Al-Manfouhi has announced all food shipments arriving from Egypt shall be re-examined in all cases. He added, the step is taken to protect the health of consumers.

Source: Arab Times

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