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Kuwait keen on eradicating drugs - official
November 1, 2013, 9:34 am
A visiting Kuwaiti official has affirmed the Gulf country's keenness on combating illegal trade in narcotics and ecstasy pills.

Kuwait's General Directorate of Narcotics Control has mapped out a comprehensive and integrated strategy to face the illegal drugs' dealing and trade, including production and smuggling of the banned materials, said the department director general, Brigadier Salah Al-Ghanam Al-Enezi, in a statement at the 27th Arab conference for chiefs of anti-drugs agencies, held at headquarters of the Arab Interior Ministers' Council.

Moreover, Kuwait is seeking, through this strategy, to contain the problem and pave way for resolving it and safeguard the human and economic wealth of the Kuwaiti society, he said.

Clandestine efforts are exerted in Kuwait to foil any bid to grow narcotic plants or produce such illegal drugs or ecastsy pills, he said, also indicating that the Kuwaiti anti-drug plan was submitted to the conference.

The conference discusses several topics including reality of drugs spread among minors, Arab fund project to finance construction of rehabilitation and care centers for addicts in the Arab world.

Kuwait is among participating countries in the conference, represented by a delegation headed by Al-Enezi. 
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