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Kuwait keen on safeguarding freedoms -- KWA Secretary General
December 28, 2015, 1:10 pm

The State of Kuwait devotes special concern for safeguarding freedoms namely liberties of expression and rights of literary creators and intellectuals, affirmed the Secretary General of Kuwait Writers Association (KWA).

Adopting such an approach, Kuwait has revamped its legislations to ensure such liberties since early last century, said Talal Al-Rumaidhi, in remarks to KUNA late on Sunday, while taking part in the 26th conference of the Arab Writers (AWH). As a result of enacting the freedoms' laws, Kuwait has occupied a pioneering and distinguished status on the regional cultural and literary map.

Provisions of the Kuwait Constitution explicitly stipulates ensuring the freedom of expressing and safeguarding individuals' liberties that constitute basis for literary and cultural creativity, said Al-Rumaidhi, who took part in a seminar held as part of the broad convention, tackling "the crisis of concepts about human freedoms and liberties." Al-Rumaidhi, who spoke during the seminar about phased development of these legislations, added that the "atmosphere of freedoms prevailing in the State of Kuwait since years ago has led to creation of a growing and creative cultural status, impact of which has reached various Arab states and portrayed a civilized image about the Kuwaiti creator and author." Boosting concepts such as "responsible freedoms" in Kuwait, along with legislative means that regulate the public and private freedoms constitute some of the most eminent factors that back up the "cultural and innovative life," he said, also noting that these regulations are in harmony with the Kuwaiti people's religious and social beliefs and values.

Cultural activities in Kuwait have not been restricted to Kuwaiti innovators; as there have been a large number of Arab intellectual figures who have taken part in the process, benefiting from the freedoms in the literary sector, Al-Rumaidhi said.

Arab libraries are rich in Kuwaiti literary and cultural books and publications, he mentioned as a tangible proof of the significant development of the sector. The seminar ended with poetry reciting by the Kuwaiti poet Mohammad Al-Bghaili, who addressed patriotic issues, Arab unity and various humanitarian and social topics.

The conference, inaugurated by UAE's Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan, features some cultural seminars, scientific lectures and sessions of poetry. About 16 representatives from Arab countries, a delegation of Secretariat of AWU and a delegation from Uganda are participating in the event. 

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