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Kuwait keen on tightening Airport security – Eye on sympathizers…195 in DAESH
November 27, 2015, 8:10 am

The investigations on members of the so-called Arab Network which is accused of financing the terrorist organization DAESH, has opened the door for new details which say the key accused in the case visited the country a year ago and left behind the clothes on which traces of explosives material have been found, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

Sources close to the investigations say a total of 195 Kuwaitis and bedouns have joined DAESH in Iraq and Syria. This is in addition to the hundreds of others who are sympathetic to the terrorist organization most of whom are serving time at the Central Prison for crimes related to state security.

The sources added the security forces are following up the movements of many others particularly those who have travelled directly to Turkey and entered the GCC or other Arab states before proceeding to Syria. Some of them are even known to have gone to Iran and from there to Turkey.

The daily added, interrogations have shed light on the activity of the suspects and according to details many were involved in collecting money donations to purchase weapons for the Islamic State.

The Public Prosecutor has charged all members of the Arab network of belonging and funding the DAESH terrorist organization, money laundering and trading in internationally banned weapons.

One of the suspects, identified as Osama Al-Khayyat, who has been remanded to 10 days police custody pending interrogation told the Public Prosecutor that he is a member of DAESH.

He also disclosed the name of another suspect, identified only as Hekmat, who he said left the country one year ago and that he who convinced him to join the organization and meet the self proclaimed Caliph of DAESH.

The sources confirmed that the Public Prosecutor has charged the defendants with belonging to DAESH whose objective is to undermine the political and social order in the country, funding the DAESH organization in Syria and Iraq, and trading in internationally banned weapons.

Khayyat admitted during investigations that he joined DAESH years ago and that he remained in touch with the organization in Syria via the Internet and a program called Telegram and that he was asked by the caliph to collect money for the organization and create a website to help sign deals with a private organization to buy weapons from Ukraine through his friends in Kuwait.

The sources said investigations have revealed that all suspects pledge their allegiance to two men — one of them is identified as Abu Dujaanah, a Lebanese based in Syria and caliph of the group there and the other is the general caliph of the DAESH organization.

During interrogations it also became clear that Osama Al-Khayat coordinated with Abu Dujaanah concerning all matters related to DAESH. The investigations revealed Al-Khayat was collecting money from a number of parties in Kuwait through donations and other assistance in the name of Syrian people, and then handing it over to a Syrian, identified only as Salim, who worked in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, and the latter was in contact with an exchange company in Syria or Turkey to send transfer the money.

In other news, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said on Thursday Kuwaiti security authorities are keen to work with the British side for strengthening security measures in order to ensure the security and safety of airports and planes. Speaking to reporters following the conclusion of the seventh session of the Kuwaiti-British Joint Steering Group held in Kuwait, Al-Jarallah said Kuwaiti security authorities attach much attention to the issue of airport security and there is coordination with the British side and other friendly countries such as the US, along with some European countries, regarding the tightening of security measures.

There are security measuring being taken now and there will be more security steps in the future with a view to ensuring the security and safety of the Kuwait International Airport and Kuwaiti planes, he added.

On the initialing by Kuwait and Britain of two draft agreements on extradition and judicial assistance in criminal matters, he stressed the significance of the extradition agreement to the State of Kuwait, saying “we have long looked forward to signing it”. Efforts were exerted by the Kuwaiti side in this regard, the last of which was a visit by National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim to Britain last September, where the agreement was mainly discussed, Al-Jarallah said.

Al-Ghanim’s visit was preceded by a tour by Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sanea to Britain last February, during which he stressed Kuwait’s eagerness to exert all legal efforts to redress relevant legal flaws. “This agreement, once put in effect, would enable us to communicate with the British side in order to receive some defendants in Britain,” the Kuwaiti official noted.

On the extension of visas for Kuwaiti patients receiving medical treatment in Britain, he said: “The British side showed understanding and readiness to cooperate with the Kuwaiti side in this regard.” On military cooperation between both sides, he said: “Cooperation in this field is existing and old, and there is coordination and exchange of visits between officials of the ministries of defense, along with training the Kuwaiti army and providing it with sophisticated equipment on part of the British side. This cooperation is on the right track, thus ensuring security and stability in the country.”

Source: Arab Times

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