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Kuwait labour union rejects fuel price increase
August 11, 2016, 2:39 pm

Kuwait’s Labour Union has rejected the government’s decision to raise fuel prices as part of its plan to lower the country’s budget deficit. The announcement was made during a meeting yesterday to discuss Kuwait’s labour condition, reported Kuwait Times.

The council said the surge in petrol prices would harm the working class and would benefit only one group.

“The latest step of this policy was the Cabinet decision to raise gasoline prices, which calls upon labour unions and NGOs to confront such decisions through which the government will burden the working class with the budget deficit, and this is rejected by the labour union, which considers it in favour of one group only,” said the council in a statement.

The statement said it had suffered setbacks due to the government’s decision to decrease or illuminate aid to public services. It said a surge in fuel prices would further upset the economic and social rights of workers, especially those with limited income.

It also discussed the issue of companies in the private sector failing to pay salaries to their employees and criticised the Public Authority for Manpower for its lack of action towards the matter.

Source: Arabian Business

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