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Kuwait launches crackdown as ‘immoral videos’ surface on internet
December 17, 2014, 3:35 pm

Kuwait authorities have arrested a transgender person and an Iranian man after they posted a clip deemed “morally offensive". The police said that an investigation was launched to identify the pair and arrest them. The transgender person, who calls himself “Shemale Sara”, was apprehended in Al Jabriya area after the police gathered enough information to locate him. He subsequently gave the investigators details about his partner and the police were able to arrest him.

The two admitted they filmed and posted the clip. In the clip, Sara is shown walking a horse and kissing him. He is later shown planting a kiss on the Iranian’s cheek. According to Kuwaiti media, the Iranian is known by the police for his involvement in drug-related legal cases. He will be eventually deported, they said.

The arrest of the transgender person and his partner occurred days after the police apprehended two girls who posted a video clip also deemed morally offensive. Al Marsad news site reported that the criminal investigations department has set up a team to pursue those who harm the country’s image on social media and promote immoral behaviour, where some of the controversial videos are posted. In the clip the two girls dance to an Arabic song in a car, with one of them exposing a part of her breasts.

A source told Al Marsad that one of the two Kuwaiti girls being investigated is usually veiled and that she and her friend suffer from “complicated family issues”. The story, known as the “Qafz Al Arnab” (hop of the rabbit) case, has become a sensation in the Kuwaiti media, leading men to make similar spoof videos and posting them on video sharing sites.

Several Kuwaitis have called for stringent action and preventive measures to make sure that young people are not lured into becoming involved in immoral or scandalous acts.

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