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Kuwait launches office in India to conduct medical examinations for ‘workers’
January 20, 2015, 8:27 am

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Public Services Company Bader Al- Enezi announced the inauguration of an office in India for conducting medical examinations on Indian laborers prior to their arrival in Kuwait to work in the Kuwaiti labor sector, reports Al-Anba daily.

In a press statement, Al- Enezi said Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently working on allotting necessary legal procedures in this regard which will eventually facilitate many procedures for the Indian laborers who desire to work in Kuwait.

He indicated that the system implemented in Egypt for conducting medical examinations on Egyptian laborers is easy compared to the systems applied in other countries. He explained that each Egyptian citizen has his own national number in the civil identification card which makes it easy to complete his papers required for his travel.

However, in India and other countries, an individual can have more than one Civil ID due to which thorough scrutiny of all documents is required. Al-Enezi affirmed that the office in charge of medically examining the laborers in Egypt is now able to finalize all procedures within 5 days instead of taking 40 days due to the well-coordinated cooperation among the concerned Egyptian authorities and the central medical laboratories.

He said the fact that procedures for almost 50,000 Egyptian laborers were finalized by end of 2014 indicates Kuwait’s keenness to recruit Egyptian personnel.

Commending the positive role of the Egyptian government and concerned authorities along with the offices for examining laborers in easing the procedures, Al-Enezi denied any plan to increase the service fees for these procedures this year. He affirmed that the fees are 900 Egyptian pounds for all procedures and 250 Egyptian pounds for the central medical laboratories affiliated to the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has proposed KD 658 million for 2015/2016 assigned to five chapters of the budget, according to their respective merits, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily quoting a reliable source noted the ministry allocated KD 76 million for Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and the sum will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance for approval.

He explained the first chapter of the PAM budget (KD 57 million) is for salaries, and chapter two-related to basic amenities and services, will gulp KD 9 million. Chapter three of the budget is worth KD 3 million, while in chapter four, construction projects will take KD 3 million, with KD 4 million miscellaneous expenses in the chapter five.

He revealed the total budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor was KD 597 million, while the Public Authority for Manpower received KD 69 million for the same period.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Electricity and Water’s Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Training Dr Meshan Al- Otaibi disclosed that the ministry has laid down a comprehensive plan for the country’s need of energy until 2030.

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