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Kuwait may charge over 40 in bombing
July 6, 2015, 10:05 am

Kuwait is considering charging more than 40 people in connection with the deadly suicide bombing in a Shiite mosque claimed by the Islamic State group, a security official said Sunday. “More than 40 suspects, including a number of women, have been referred to the Public Prosecution,” the official said, requesting anonymity. “Now, it is up to the prosecution whether to press charges against all of them or not,” the official said.

The Saudi bomber killed 26 people and wounded 227 in the Jun 26 attack in Kuwait City. Among the defendants are the alleged driver of the bomber and the alleged owner of the house where the driver stayed. Kuwait has a confessionally divided population of around one third Shiite to two thirds Sunni.


Under tight security, 27 suspects in the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bombing, including six women, were taken to the court where the sentence renewal judge ordered their detention until July 15 to continue investigations.

The suspects denied the accusations leveled against them, except the driver of the vehicle that transported the suicide bomber to the mosque – Abdulrahman Saud.

He confessed to the judge in affirmation of his previous statements during interrogation at the Public Prosecution. He said he received directives two months ago to prepare for terrorist attacks on certain locations in Kuwait.

He revealed the locations include some mosques, hossainiyas and shopping malls. He went on to say he received instruction two weeks before the bombing that a Shia mosque was a target.

He added that after moving around various Shia mosques with some others involved in the plot, they decided to execute the plan for certain reasons such as the fact that Sawaber area is not full of activities and it is within the heart of Kuwait City so it was easy to enter and exit, especially on Fridays.

On the female suspects, they were allegedly involved because they belong to the cell and committed the crime of providing cover for a criminal.

One of them is the wife of the driver and all of the suspects were charged of being DAESH members; hence, they were suspected of playing a major role in the suicide bombing.

Last month’s attack was the first in the country to be claimed by IS, which controls swathes of neighbouring Iraq and Syria.

The emergency meeting which was held by the GCC interior ministers at the Kuwait International Airport discussed the intelligence report which confirms the involvement of three countries — one Muslim, one Arab and one Western — in acts of sabotage, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The report says these countries support a number of terrorist organizations including DAESH to carry out terrorist operations in GCC countries.

The attack on Kuwait was part of the plan to undermine the stability and security of the country. According to report, the intelligence services of these countries planned the bombing of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque, and the two mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab Times

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