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Kuwait mulls fines for bachelors living in family areas
November 18, 2014, 8:35 am

Bachelors in Kuwait may soon be fined for living outside of dedicated residences in a bid to separate them from family communities, local media has reported.

A committee within Kuwait Municipality has been established to discuss how to discourage single men from living in homes built for families, the municipality’s acting director general Ahmad Al Manfoohi said, according to Arab Times.

Other measures being discussed included building new cities especially for bachelors and not issuing civil ID cards for bachelors living in family residences.

Al Manfoohi did not detail why the move was necessary. The majority of the bachelors are believed to be low-paid workers from Asia and Africa.

About two-thirds of Kuwait’s population are expats, many of whom are single men working in labour jobs.

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