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Kuwait municipality keen on solving housing issue based on cabinet directives
June 1, 2014, 8:39 am

Kuwait Municipality is keen to contribute to solving the country's housing issue in coordination with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) and based on cabinet directives, Acting Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfohi said Saturday.

Al-Manfohi said in a press statement that the municipality was keen to find solutions, particularly land plots close to the urban areas, in reiteration to recent comments made by Minister of Communications and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari regarding finding an area south of Saad Al-Abdullah district on the Sixth ring, measured approximately 70 million square meters and can accommodate around 43,000 housing units.

The official explained that what has been circulated in media recently about the existence of obstacles to such location, including a letter of rejection by Director General of the Municipality, was due to having many obstacles that prevent the completion of this housing project, which included taking out large parts of the land to avoid the constraints.

Al-Manfohi pointed out to the difficulty in dealing with such obstacles, particularly with the presence of the Ministry of Defense camp and residential areas such as the Saad Al-Abdullah district and other hurdles.

Al-Manfohi added that due to the designed land area which is big enough, around 70 million square meters, therefore, it's natural that it contains obstacles the Municipality will be seeking to overcome and find appropriate solutions permanently.

Al-Manfohi stressed importance of the minister Al-Kandari's resolve to free these land areas from any obstacles and to fully cooperate with the municipality and related ministries to find the appropriate solution and execute the housing plans.

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