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Kuwait opposition leader sentenced for one week
January 27, 2014, 4:37 pm

A Kuwaiti court on Monday sentenced former lawmaker Musallam Al Barrak to one week in jail in the case filed against him by TV broadcaster Al Shahed. According to the defendant’s lawyer, Thamer Al Jidai, the court also slapped Al Barrak with a fine of KD75.

However, the judge said that the ex-MP could pay KD50 to suspend the execution of the jail sentence.

Al Shahed took Al Barrak to court for allegedly telling a crowd at a rally held in October 2012 that if the TV broadcaster had placed a microphone in front of him as he delivered his speech, he would throw it away.

Al Shahed said that Al Barrak wronged the TV channel publicly and pressed for legal action.

During his speech, Al Barrak, one of the most vociferous voices of the opposition, pushed for rejecting the amendment of the electoral law that allowed voters to cast four ballots. However, under the amendment, each voter had only one vote, and the opposition claimed that the government was trying to curb its influence. The government rejected the charges.

The lawyer said that he would appeal the court sentence.


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