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Kuwait parliament enacts 172 laws in 3rd session
July 4, 2015, 4:23 pm

The National Assembly enacted up to 172 laws and legislations during the third session of the 14th legislative term that opened on October 28, 2014, according to a statistical report released by the parliament information department. The endorsed laws tackled issues in the realms of treaties, budgets and final accounts. Up to 85 draft laws had been forwarded by the government and 251 bills by MPs.

Among the most significant accomplishments were amendments introduced to the fire department law, modifying public authority for roads and land transport law, enacting pilgrimage law and another regarding collection of arms and ammunitions, in addition to amending the army law as well as the development strategy for the years 2015-2015 and 2019-2020.

MPs had also endorsed the family court law, the legislation regarding materials harmful to the ozone layer, the law for practicing veterinary medicine, the child law, the law for establishing an apparatus for financial auditors, amending the capital market law, regulating the finance market and modifying the police law.

The parliament also approved amending laws on social compensations, establishing a shareholding company for cattle trade, enacted legislations regarding installment of security cameras, combating cybercrime, domestic workers, a law stipulating establishment of a company for employing housemaids, another on establishing the national human rights diwan, the family sponsorship law, others law concerning the Public Youth Authority and the DNA tests.

The MPs convened all scheduled sessions, except for one, due to lack of quorum. Up to 869 questions had been addressed to government ministers. The session witnessed three interpellations of ministers. 

Source: Arab Times

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