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Kuwait parliament to organize survery on citizens'' priorities - Al-Ghanem
August 19, 2013, 11:21 am

Members of the National Assembly, parliament, agreed Sunday to organize a survey to determine priorities of citizens "to place them before the government and parliament," speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem said Sunday.
The survery "will be the first in parliamentary life in Kuwait and we will organize it at the beginning of every term so the priorities of the government and parliament become close to each other and address needs and problems of citizens," Al-Ghanem told reporters after a meeting of the office.
Al-Ghanem said committees of the parliamentary caucus would be visiting other countries and major organizations to convey Kuwait's causes.
He added he would organize regular meetings with all MPs to determine the priorities of the house, highlighting important role of media.
Al-Ghanem brushed aside as "groundless" reports that former MP Adel Al-Saraawi was a candidate for the Audit Bureau top post, yet emphasizing on honesty and professionalism of Al-Saraawi.
Al-Ghanem said he has full confidence in current Audit Bureau chief Abdulaziz Al-Adsani, describing him as "one of icons of honesty in Kuwait.

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