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Kuwait participates in counter-terrorism conf. in Riyadh
December 17, 2014, 8:49 am

An Arab conference on media role in countering-terrorism kicked off in the Saudi capital Tuesday, with participation of around 500 representatives from Arab states and private media, interior, security, and academic bodies, including Kuwait.

The three-day conference, "Role of Arab Media in Countering-Terrorism," is organized by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), in cooperation with the Council of Arab Information Ministers.

Participants at the conference represent Arab ministries of information and interior, security bureaus, media production institutions, printed and electronic newspapers, TV channels, radio stations, mass communication colleges, security science academies, regional and international anti-terrorism organizations, telecommunication and Internet companies.

In their opening speeches, participants pointed out media sources' responsibility in facing all forms of terrorism, and all efforts exerted to distort the image of Arabs and Muslims by linking them with terrorist acts.

They also said that the proposed joint Arab media strategy, currently pending for Arab leaders' approval, is important for anti-terrorism efforts as it represents a quantum leap in the joint Arab action system in countering-terrorism by media.

The conference is to discuss a number of scientific papers, including axes on the use of modern media and telecom sources by terrorist organizations, terrorism in Arab and international media, and social, legal, and security responsibilities towards media sources in terrorism prevention.

It also aims at boosting communication among Arab media and security institutions to counter terrorism, exposing terrorists' methods in use of modern media technologies to recruit, finance, and execute their operations, establishing principles of tolerance and moderation, benefiting from other countries' expertise in use of media to counter terrorism, and implementing the joint Arab media strategy to counter terrorism.

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