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Kuwait plans food self-sufficiency by 2040 - official
May 30, 2015, 2:56 pm
Agricultural projects envisaged in Kuwait's development strategy can realize food self-sufficiency by 2040, according to a ranking Kuwaiti official on a present visit to Morocco. Significant projects are being executed in the northern frontier farming region, Al-Abdali, and Al-Wafra farms in the south as well as in other regions of Kuwait. These ventures are projected to secure the country's food needs, at a substantial level, said Nabila Al-Khalil, Board Chairperson and General Director of the Public Authority for Agricultural and Fisheries Affairs.
Al-Khalil, who was speaking to KUNA on sidelines of the ministerial conference of the Global Dryland Alliance (GDA), hosted by Morocco, indicated at mounting farming projects, involving livestock output, dairy products, land reclamation and green fodder. Moreover, expansion of such ventures serves the state schemes to cope with dryness and desertification.
She affirmed that the delegation, headed by Minister of Oil and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs, is seeking that Kuwait be elected as GDA's chairman. The Kuwaiti delegation presented at the conference the country's experience in land reclamation, water treatment and desalination and employment of external expertise, Al-Khalil said. 
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