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Kuwait plans labor towns, public renovation - Minister
December 26, 2016, 3:56 pm

Kuwait Municipality plans to examine, in line with His Highness the Amir's aspiration to transform the country into a regional financial hub, a number of mega projects such as construction of labor towns and renovating the shores adjacent to Al-Jahra district, the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs said.

The municipality, in the foreseeable future, will devote attention to proposed projects such as building the labor towns, a service and entertainment center in Al-Ugailah district, renovating Al-Jahra Governorate's beachfront and Al-Mubarkiah commercial area and setting up a safe system for managing hard, liquid and hazardous waste, Mohammad Al-Jabri, also the Minster of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, was quoted as saying in a statement released by the Municipality's Public Relations Department, on Monday.

"This future visionary approach will be enlisted in the Government manifesto for the 15th legislative term that would submitted to the National Assembly," said Al-Jabri, noting that it is based on His Highness the Amir's outlook of transforming Kuwait into a lucrative financial-commercial center in the Gulf region.

The municipality will examine other venture such as privatizing and specifying usage of land plots for housing and industrial or commercial purposes. As to the State Fourth Structural Plan, Minister Al-Jabri indicated that it aims at distributing the land plots fairly; according to forecast population growth, economic policies and State's needs.

Urban development constitutes a factor of the Municipality's future vision, incorporating the government platform, he said, noting necessity of building the infrastructure for expanding urban development. 

Source: KUNA

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