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Kuwait plans road improvements
January 14, 2016, 4:49 pm

Kuwait in collaboration with the internationally-renowned Transportation Research Laboratory (TRL) plans to re-pave the roads with asphalt of higher solidity and quality, it was revealed by a ranking official on Thursday.

Abdulmohsen Al-Enezi, official spokesman of the Ministry of Public Works, said in a statement to KUNA competent authorities had already obtained some samples of an enhanced mixture of asphalt, testing them on the sixth ring road.

He also indicated that the enhanced blend is of better quality and thickness. The tests have been ongoing since October 10, 2015, at several spots. Experts are examining the applied samples to determine impact to heavy weight and high temperature, among others. He also indicated that efforts are ongoing for further tests ahead of repairing and re-paving all roads and highways.

On Wednesday, Minister of Public Works Ali Al-Omair vowed to punish those responsible for defective roads and recurring accidents caused by flying pebbles. Minister Al-Omair, during a parliamentary session, affirmed that his ministry is following up with concern on recurrence of such accidents, emphasizing that any civil servant or official who has not done his job properly in this respect will be punished.

Loose pebbles once flung by tires of speeding vehicles hit and damage cars' wind screens and may cause other forms of harm to vehicles, or people, on the roads. 

Source: KUNA

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