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Kuwait plans to activate all agreements with Iran
July 29, 2015, 9:57 am

 Kuwait is planning to activate all agreements signed during the visit of H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah to Tehran towards the end of last year reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources said the agreements include air transportation, customs, tourism and environmental. Sources stressed the agreements will protect the commercial interests of the two countries, especially after signing the nuclear deal that is expected to increase the value of existing trades between both countries from less than $55 million to more than $1 billion in the year and it is expected to continue growing in the following years.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecution against MP Abdulhamid Dashti on his recent statements against the Kingdom of Bahrain. Sources indicated Dashti, who is currently outside the country, launched statements deemed offensive to the Kingdom and interference in the state’s internal affairs. Meanwhile, Thamir Al- Khaldi, legatee of one of the victims martyred during Al- Jabriya terrorist incident, represented by MP and Attorney Abdullah Al-Turaiji with another lawyer, filed lawsuit with the Public Prosecutor against MP Abdulhamid Dashti for provoking sectarianism by visiting the father of Emad Moghniya.

The plaintiff has asked for the defendant to go on trial for violating Article No.15 of Penal Code related to the country’s dignity, and requested the Public Prosecutor to take necessary legal action against the defendant. He called for investigating the deed committed by the MP that nearly resulted in escalation of Kuwait’s internal situation. He added MP Dashti in July 2015 held a press conference in Lebanon to name Emad Moghniya a martyr and kissed the father’s head, although Moghniya is accused by the Kuwaiti authorities of hijacking Kuwait’s Al-Jabriya plane in Cyprus in 1988, and plotting the ‘failed assassination’ of late Amir H.H. Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmad after the first Gulf war.

Source: Arab Times

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