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Kuwait produces 180 mln cubic feet of free gas daily - official
February 22, 2015, 8:47 am

Kuwait Oil Company's (KOC) current free gas production is estimated at 180 million cubic feet daily, while its associated gas production is 1.5 million cubic feet daily, a senior oil official said Saturday.

The state-run company's current crude oil production is also estimated at 2.65 million cubic feet daily, Hashem Hashem, KOC's CEO, said in a press statement on the sidelines of the Occupational Health in Oil Industry Conference, which began Friday and is to conclude Sunday.

Meanwhile, the KOC's 2020 strategy to increase production to four million barrels per day is currently going according to its predetermined schedule, Hashem said, expecting the company's total production, of the planned strategy, to reach 3.65 million barrel per day.

KOC has recently increased the number of its drilling rigs in order to be consistent with the current number of oil wells in the country, he mentioned, noting that it is also part of the company's development plans for oil fields.
In 2013, the number of drilling rigs was 50 and it has currently increased to 80, said Hashem, expecting the number to increase to 120 rigs by 2016.

On KOC's gas burning operations, he said that the company has hit record levels estimated at around 1 percent, pointing out that KOC was granted a number of international awards in that field.

On the conference, the company's CEO affirmed the importance of preventive medicine for KOC's staff and workers, noting that workers' health and wellbeing is an integral part of the company's strategy.

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