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Kuwait rakes in $133m in traffic fines
September 12, 2013, 1:00 pm

The Kuwaiti government has raked in $133m worth of traffic fines in a crackdown on non-payment, the state’s traffic chief, Major General Abdulfattah Al Ali has revealed.

The haul – worth KD38m – has been collected since Al Ali took up the top traffic job five months ago and initiated the tough cop policy.

Another KD3m is still owed, he said.

Nearly 12,000 foreigners have been deported from Kuwait for traffic violations in the past two-and-a-half years, Al Ali revealed in June, warning that there would likely be more in the future.

“Deportation of violating expatriates is not going to stop, especially of those carrying passengers illegally, in which case a person would be in violation of traffic and labour regulations,” Al Ali told Arabic daily Al Rai.

About 3,000 vehicles also have been impounded and 7,000 driver’s licences alleged to be either fake or illegally obtained have been destroyed.

Some have accused the traffic chief of unfairly targeting expats in his crackdown, with the Kuwait Labour Union and former MP Abdullah Al Turaiji claiming the deportations were a violation of human rights and illegal.

However, Al Ali has defended the deportations by comparing running a red light to premeditated or attempted murder and said they were justified in Kuwaiti law.

“According to our criminal and penal laws, penalties for such violations include deportation,” he said earlier this year.

“The law also authorizes the MOI [Ministry of Interior] to deport expats in [the] public interest in case they commit repeated crimes or violations.

“Our procedures are necessary to save lives.”

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