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Kuwait ready to provide medical care for returning pilgrims
September 14, 2016, 8:08 am
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry for Medical Services and Support, Jamal Al-Harbi

The Ministry of Health is taking all necessary preparations at Kuwait International Airport to provide medical care for ill pilgrims when the faithful return home following conclusion of the annual rites in the holy lands.

Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi, the assistant undersecretary for back-up medical services, said in a statement on Tuesday that the medical emergency department has taken all necessary measures at the airport. A fully-equipped emergency center has been erected at the air facility to accommodate returning pilgrims who may be sick or need medical attention. The team is also equipped with two ambulance vehicles.

Thousands of faithful have travelled by air from Kuwait to the holy lands -- also accompanied by a fully-equipped medical team. There have been no serious cases of illness or injuries among the devotees so far. The annual Hajj season is now in its final phases.

Source: KUNA

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