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Kuwait reiterates firm stance against all forms of terrorism
October 6, 2016, 8:45 am

Kuwait has reiterated its firm stance against all forms and manifestations of terrorism on Wednesday. Such criminal acts should not be justified or linked it to any religion, nationality, race or ethnicity, Abdullah Al-Mowazri, third secretary of the Kuwaiti delegation of the UN, said during the meeting of the UN General Assembly's Six Committee.

He suggested that combating terrorism requires mobilizing all international efforts and capabilities to defeat such a scourge. He also stressed the importance of heeding the root causes of terrorism as well as increasing efforts to promote good governance and peaceful coexistence among followers of different faiths and races.

Al-Mowazri added that Kuwait has also joint nearly 18 international and regional conventions and agreements on combating terrorism. Kuwait has issued Law No. 106 of 2013 on combating money laundering and terrorism financing, he pointed out.

He announced that Kuwait will host on October 24 an international working group on countering the so-called Islamic State group's financial capabilities.

Source: KUNA

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