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Kuwait revokes citizenship of 15 nationals
June 30, 2014, 9:32 am

Decision based on citizens acquiring second nationality

Kuwait has revoked the citizenship of 15 nationals, including three women.

The Higher Committee of Kuwaiti Citizenship said that the decision to revoke the Kuwaiti citizenship was taken after the 15 Kuwaitis took another nationality.

The three women reportedly took the nationality of their husbands and could no longer as a result keep the Kuwaiti citizenship.

Under Kuwait’s law, a Kuwaiti woman does not lose her citizenship unless she willingly takes the citizenship of her husband.

The 12 other people lost their Kuwaiti citizenship after they took a second nationality, local daily Al Qabas reported.

Kuwait bans dual citizenship and a Kuwaiti man loses his nationality automatically if he willingly chooses another citizenship. His underage children also lose their Kuwaiti nationality if they choose to take another nationality.

Anyone who loses his Kuwaiti nationality can apply to regain it if he resides in Kuwait for at least one year, presents a request to reinstate his citizenship and give up the second citizenship.

The decision to reinstate the Kuwaiti citizenship is made by the cabinet based on a recommendation from the interior minister.


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