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Kuwait's Info. Ministry says ready for upcoming parliamentary elections
November 10, 2016, 9:40 am

Kuwait's Information Ministry has expressed its readiness to cover the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 26 with the latest sophisticated means in order to showcase the country's true image to the world.

Information Ministry's Assistant Undersecretary for News and Political Programs Mohammad Bader Bin Naji told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that this year's coverage of the upcoming elections would be unique and differ from previous coverage as the latest social media means would be highly used including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Bin Naji, also deputy head of the supreme committee for preparation for the parliamentary elections, added that the ministry has established a special website to cover the elections which include the usage of those social media means.

Bin Naji pointed out that the logo of this year's media campaign 'My Vote Is For My Country' aims at encouraging citizens to select the best for their homeland, in addition to instilling and substantiating loyalty and belonging to the homeland.

He said that the logo of this year's media campaign can also been seen as in posters on public buses, local daily newspapers, radio and television in addition to other social media outlets from outside the ministry.

He also unveiled that the ministry was still going ahead with the dialogue programs, saying that each candidate would be given two minutes to promote his or her electoral message and one minute in the social media outlets.

He pointed out that the ministry's staffers would be ready to assist any candidate wishing to promote his or her program on the ministry's various services.

He also unveiled that there would be hundreds of the ministry's delegates and reporters who would be scattered across the state's polling centers, in addition to the allocation of a call center to receive the turnout till the results come out.

He also said that among the programs that would be aired on Kuwait's television is a program on Kuwait's developmental projects that have already been concluded or those which are near completion, adding that the information about such projects were taken from the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

Bin Naji said that a comprehensive media center would also be erected to host a number of foreign news reporters, journalists and international news agencies in order to substantiate transparency of the election process, in addition to convention of press conferences. He noted that the ministry has set up five permanent studios in five schools for live coverage of the elections, in addition to the large number of roaming reporters.

For his part, Assistant Undersecretary for Television Affairs Majeed Al-Jazzaf told KUNA that his sector has made all preparations to cover the upcoming elections in coordination with other departments in the ministry chiefly with the sector of news and political programs.

Al-Jazzaf said that Kuwait television would made live coverage of the elections process starting from the opening of the polling centers till the announcement of results in all state's constituencies in the six governorates.

He added that messages would also be broadcast on KTV2, the English-language channel for non-Arabic speaking people.

Source: KUNA

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