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Kuwait's National and Liberation Days witness large festivities
February 27, 2017, 12:12 pm

To commemorate Kuwait’s 56th National and 26th Liberation Day, various celebratory events were organized around the country. Thousands of Kuwaitis and expats thronged the Arabian Gulf road to raise a furor, celebrating with water cannons and foam guns while decked in colorful clothing. Many participants waved the Kuwaiti flag at the joyful event that has become a mainstay of the national and liberation day celebrations.

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Heritage Village celebrated Kuwait's national festivals with high-profile programs and activities where many Kuwaitis and Gulf citizens gathered.

The village, which is now hosting the GCC Popular Heritage Festival, organized several programs, shows and performances by artistic and folklore troupes.

Public competitions were also held by the organizing committee, in collaboration with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Valuable prizes were given to the participants.

The village's interesting programs and shows focused on Kuwaiti and Gulf tradition in an effort to instill heritage in the minds of young generations and children.


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