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Kuwait's Yemen peace talks move forward, focus on settling conflict
May 11, 2016, 8:59 am
Yemeni negotiators meeting.

The meetings for the sub-committees dealing with UN-sponsored Yemeni peace talks entered a new phase focusing on efforts to finally come up with a true resolve to end the dilemma.

The latest development involved agreeing on a proposal to release 50 percent of prisoners before the holy month of Ramadan, a goodwill gesture that will hopefully pave the way to the release of all prisoners should parties involved in the conflict in Yemen agreed to peace.

A statement by the office of the special envoy, released after the conclusion of the meeting for the sub-committees dealing with UN-sponsored Yemeni peace talks today, said that discussions were "constructive overall.

Common grounds emerged and issues were articulate clearly. We acknowledge that the differences remain substantial and we continue to work hard to bridge the gap between the two parties."

Since the launch of the talks on April 21st, parties involved in the talks showcased commitment to UNSC 2216 resolution which demanded the end of violence in Yemen.

Despite some conflicting views on a number of issues, the UN, through its roadmap, is hoping that the Yemeni groups would come to an agreement to end the dire situation in Yemen.

Also today the UN and Germany released statements thanking Kuwait for its tremendous efforts in hosting the talks for peace in Yemen.

Source: KUNA

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