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Kuwait's daily oil output jumps to 1.5 million barrels - Sheikh Talal
April 19, 2016, 1:01 pm
Oil Sector Spokesman Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled

Oil Sector Spokesman Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled announced Tuesday that Kuwait's oil facilities' average daily production has surged to 1.5 million barrel.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is racing against time to resume operation of oil collection centers No. 21 and 24 to return the state's oil and gas production back to previous levels, Sheikh Talal said in a press statement. He stressed that the execution pace of the oil sector's contingency plan is great and more than expected.

The KOC's production of crude oil in northern wells have returned back to normal levels, Sheikh Talal said, noting that KOC's re-operation of crude collection center No. 11, located southeastern Kuwait, has also boosted output.

He disclosed that the KOC is currently relying highly-qualified professionals and cadres to resume operation in other collection centers, especially No. 7 and No. 19. The KOC is now choosing which one to start with, he said.

Sheikh Talal said that operation plan in Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) goes as planned. "We are working to operate the industrial island," he said, adding that two tankers are loaded with gas and sulfur in Mina Al-Ahmadi terminal and the KNPC is prepared to load anther tanker with fuel oil Wednesday morning.

The KNPC has been successful in providing local market with its needs of gas, gasoline and other oil products, he clarified. He assured that Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's marketing sector has also been able to fulfil its exporting commitments without any delay or rescheduling of loading time. Sheikh Talal added that operations in Petrochemical Industries Company and Kuwait Oil Tanker Company are proceeding normally.

Oil sector laborers started Sunday a general strike on protest against a proposed austerity measures on the background of the sharp decline of oil prices. 

Source: KUNA

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