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Kuwait’s new Labor Law aimed at protecting rights of foreigners
August 6, 2015, 8:05 am

Acting Director of Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutawteh affirmed that Kuwait spares no effort in protecting labor rights, and uses iron fist against anyone who tries to infringe on the rights of its foreign workforce or breaks the labor law, reports Al-Anba daily.

Upholding the above statement, Al-Mutawteh stressed that Kuwait has enacted laws and approved procedures aimed at protecting the rights of its foreign labor on top of the new labor law, shelter for expatriate personnel and the law that deals with human trafficking as a serious offense.

In response to the recent report issued by US State Department on human trafficking and the allegation that Kuwait does not abide by the lowest standards in fighting human trafficking, Al-Mutawteh pointed to several measures adopted by Kuwait to guarantee labor rights protection of its foreign work force, citing the new law (6/201) which is considered among the best labor laws that contains rights and privileges protecting the foreign labor force.

He indicated Kuwait imposes financial guaranty on employers to secure the rights of its foreign labor force by obliging employers to deposit the employees’ salaries to their bank accounts, in accordance with Article 57 of the labor law of private sector. Kuwait also adopted laws that incriminate human trafficking and another law organizing domestic labor sector.

Contrary to the report, Al- Mutawteh pointed out that Kuwait does not tolerate the so-called forced labor, as there are laws which prohibit continuous work or staying at work in the night, and concerned authorities never fails to take necessary measures against the employer if any employee files a report in that concern. He made mention of an ongoing review of law by which tough penalties will be issued for such violations to enhance the employers’ adherence to labor laws to avoid any ill treatment of employees and violation of their rights.

Source: Arab Times

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